You Can’t Catch Me, by Catherine McKenzie



Jessica Williams escaped a cult when she was 18, became an acclaimed journalist, and was disgraced after she was caught plagiarizing someone else’s work–and that’s just the backstory for Catherine McKenzie’s latest thriller, YOU CAN’T CATCH ME. Within the first few pages, I was pulled in, and I rushed through the e-pages as fast as I could to see what else would happen to McKenzie’s hapless protagonist.

The book starts with Jessica is sitting in an airport bar with a plan to escape the relentless media coverage of her career-ending mistake. While there, she meets another Jessica Williams and the two share a drink. What follows is a plot that flips sideways, up, and down and pulls the reader along while doing it. There were times that I thought I had everything figured out, only to be fooled by this artfully crafted story with multiple Jessica Williams, family drama and intrigue, and plenty of crimes committed. There’s also a bit of a love story for anyone who is into that.

I’ve read many of Catherine McKenzie’s books, and one thing I always count on is compelling characters with strong and believable reactions and relationships, and YOU CAN’T CATCH ME delivers on that, too.

As I’m sure you can tell, I definitely recommend this book. I’ll be buying copies for my thriller-loving friends and family. My thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for a copy of the book.

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